Structural Engineering

We support Structural Design industry with a range of services offerings. Our structural engineers with their strong functional expertise supports a range of engineering projects and queries

  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural and connection Design
  • 3D modelling and detailing
  • Structural Optimization
Structural Analysis

  • Structural Model creation in STAAD.Pro according to General Arrangement/ Architectural Arrangement of Plant/Onsite structure.
  • Load Cases identification and application according to functional requirement and specifications of structure.
  • Tension, Compression, Bending and Shear stress Assessment of structural members according to global codes.
  • Assessment of Reactions and Moments for foundation loading.
  • Check Members for Deflection, Strength, Utilization Ratio and decide members sizes.
  • Detail calculation report for Analysis.
  • Calculations for Base Plate design and Anchor bolt design.
Structural Design and Connection Design

  • Design of Primary and Secondary Members according to */STAAD.Pro output.
  • Design a structural model for Operating , Accidental and Maintenance condition.
  • Decide and Design Moment and Shear Connections between all members.
  • Design Baseplates and Anchor Bolts according foundation load of structure.
3D Modelling and Detailing

  • 3D Model creation for All Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Members.
  • Shear Connection, Moment connection modelling between All Columns and Beams.
  • Staircase, Grating, Handrail modelling according to applied specification with all safety considerations
  • Creation of *.NC files for Input to CNC machines.
  • Construction drawing creation in *.dwg format for all structural members.
  • Erection drawings creation in *.dwg format for Assembly purpose.
  • Part BOM, Assembly BOM , Hardware BOM for Fabrication.
  • Foundation Load drawings in *dwg format with Moments/ reaction tables.
Structural Optimization

  • Structural integrity assessment and optimization study and possibility of present structure without compromising safety.
  • Analysis of a best possible design
  • CAD modeling and detailing of the optimized design
International Codes and Standard

Our Highly professional technical team understands and have executed many global projects according to all International codes as below –

  • ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)
  • AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)
  • IBC (International Building Code)
  • EN (European Codes)
  • BC (British Codes)
  • IC (Indian Codes)
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