About Us

4Dimensions Infotech is a service based organization supporting customers develop reliable products by using advanced engineering techniques.

Our team brings to table high degree of technical expertise and domain knowledge enabling us to offer to our customers a wide range of solutions that include Product design, CAD Modelling and Detailing, FEA and CFD Simulations, Structural Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical & Controls Engineering and Sourcing and Vendor Development.

With a competent team that is passionate about engineering, we support our global customers over the complete product design and development cycle, from concept design to prototype testing and validation. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified organization with quality ingrained in our DNA.

Our solutions span multiple product domains including Turbomachinery, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Products and Machines, Oil and Gas, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications.

4Dimensions Infotech also provides focused and industry oriented technical trainings for engineering graduates and experienced professionals at corporate level.

Vision and Mission


Make positive impact to society through
engineering innovation.


To provide product design and development solutions using innovative and advanced engineering techniques.

Core Value

At 4Dimensions Infotech, following values are core to our existence and are deeply imbibed on every team member’s mind:

A group of people brainstorming and working on innovative ideas at a whiteboard.


I will constantly endeavour to improve technology, quality and turnaround time.

A visual representation of the core value of integrity.


I will always strive to achieve what we commit to.

A visual representation of our commitment to customer focus.

Customer focus

I will always strive to make our customer successful.

A visual representation of teamwork, with people collaborating and working together towards a common goal.

Team Work

OUR success is more important than MY success.

An illustration representing ethics


I will adhere to the highest level of ethical and social behaviour

How We Do Business

We are committed to build strong lasting relationships with our customers that are based on mutual trust….

Building relationships takes time and we take a step-wise approach for this. Customer engagement typically begins with relatively small task-based projects or pilot projects that help customer get first-hand experience of our technical, project management capabilities and an opportunity to access our overall performance.

As the working level relationship and rapport gets developed between teams, we support customers in specific task-based projects as well as undertake complete design and development projects from concept to prototype.

As relationship builds further, we build a dedicated team at Speed Engineering office which supports customer on a continuous basis

Along with our extensive experience in managing outsourced engineering activities, we offer flexibility in tailoring our support models as per the requirements at various stages of customer engagement. Our support models are strongly backed by our robust Quality Management System (QMS).

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