With strong experience in products such as Turbines, Compressors, Pumps, Fans and Blowers, our team supports turbomachinery OEMs in a variety of design and development activities such as those listed below:

Concept design:

Starting from technical specifications, we support customers come up with initial design concepts using our in-house calculators. We support build the design models by defining the initial configuration and designing critical performance features such as blade and volute profiles.

Detailed design:

“The devil is in the detail!”. We support customers navigate through the nitty-gritties of detailed design with support on activities such as deciding material of construction (MOC), deciding the right manufacturing process, Designing bolted joints, Selection of bought-out components such as bearings and couplings, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) assessments, Design for Service (DFS) assessments, Performing DFMEAs, Deciding manufacturing tolerances and Performing stack-up calculations.

Hydraulic Design:

Using 3D CFD simulations combined with Design of Experiments (DoE) techniques, we support optimize the hydraulic design (flow path design) and predict the performance map of the equipment. When we are bored with routine stuff, we also indulge in complex simulations such as transient analysis, conjugate heat transfer and cavitation prediction through multi-phase simulations.

Structural integrity assessment:

With challenging duty cycles and severe loading, structural integrity assessment of turbomachinery components is always fun! We are adept at performing the entire
range of structural integrity simulations that the turbomachinery industry demands - Steady state and Transient thermal analysis, Thermo-mechanical stress analysis, Elasto-plastic simulations, Sealing analysis, Natural frequency assessments and forced response simulations, High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) and Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) calculations. And we don't stop at just doing the analysis design change recommendations are the icingon the cake!

CAD Modelling and Detailing:

If you can imagine it, our team can model it! Our team has excellent skillsets on the CAD tools that support customers create 3D CAD models and detailed manufacturing drawings of Cast and machined components, Forged components, Plumbing and piping design, Packaging design, Electrical harness routings, Design of fabricated baseframes, etc.

Rotor Dynamics Simulations:

It all begins by idealizing the complex power-train into a 1D model that captures mass, stiffness and inertia of the system. This simple but powerful 1D model then gives deep insights into the system-level dynamic behaviour and our vibration analysts get all excited about this! They assess lateral bending and torsional natural frequencies, identify critical 4DI, predict forward and backward whirls, perform harmonic assessments under unbalance loads and magnetic pulls, carry out transient dynamic simulations under electric short-circuit torques and inertia loads and assess torque carrying capacities of bolted joints.

Technical Publications:

Parts book / Technical Manuals / Specification Sheets - We support create technical literature that piggy-backs on the product as it is delivered to end-customer.

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